Why leasing on LUNES?

The million dollar question, why am I going to lease if I can sell my LUNES now and have immediate benefit? Well basically there are several reasons to do it, we are going to divide them into two groups: the best for the community and the best for us. But by way of summary we can say that you must do leasing because you can earn much more in the future than selling immediately.

Make leasing to get profit

Leasing is the classic “hold” that has been doing for a long time in the world of cryptocurrencies but, in addition, it can give us weekly benefits (up to 5% per year depending on the node). Yes, it does not look like much, but if your strategy is not to sell now and wait for the price to rise, why not do it while obtaining benefits?

In some cases the nodes in which leasing is done offer their tokens as a reward, that is, the benefit is double.

In addition, doing so you can sell at any time since you can cancel it whenever you want and sell immediately. The LUNES are still at your disposal but you get benefits.

Make leasing to revalue the currency

We all know that a hard currency to buy is a currency that becomes more expensive and we all benefit from this. If we all sold the currency at the first exchange, the currency would not rise in price and we would lose profits. Therefore, it can be said that doing leasing increases the price of the currency and therefore increases our profits.

In addition, the LPoS saves a lot of energy when mining, since, unlike other currencies, the energy need is minimal and instead of forging the miner that has more power, the nodes that have more LUNES do. A system that is not only more fair but also takes care of the environment.

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