LPOS, the mining system of LUNES

LUNES is characterized in many aspects against the other blockchains, but one of the most characteristic is the choice of LPOS as a mining system. Today we will explain this system against those used by other platforms and why we believe that it is the most fair, not only for the nodes if not for the leasers. If you have not done leasing yet, here is the answer.

What is LPoS?

Let’s go in parts, to explain it first we have to know the other mine systems: PoW and PoS.



They are the abbreviations of “Proof of Work”, is the system used by Bitcoin. With PoW the nodes, miners who forge the blocks of the blockchain, solve complicated algorithms to be the first to add the next block. In order to solve the proposed algorithms, powerful graphics cards or specific devices (ASICs) are necessary and, therefore, a huge energy expenditure. So we can say that PoW is not respectful with the environment and it takes a large investment to be able to forge.



They are the abbreviations of “Proof of Stake”, is the system used by DASH. In this system, users are mining the nodes. However, unlike the case of PoW, in the PoS you do not need a last generation computer. The blocks are “drawn” between miners who have more coins in their wallets. But not all users have a large number of coins so if you have few you will hardly forge.



And we come to the system that we like the most and that uses LUNES They are the abbreviations of “LeasedProof of Stake”. In this system the nodes serve as “banks”. Users deposit (lease) their coins in the nodes so that they mine and those that have more coins in leasing are more likely to undermine. The nodes distribute their benefits among their leasers every certain time, according to each node. Although we talk about “depositing” the coins, they are always available to the user and can cancel the lease at any time.


Benefits of the LPoS

  • It is ecological to not need computers of last generation and so much energy.
  • Even if you have few coins you get benefits.
  • The currency is more stable. Being deposited in the nodes, makes the user think twice before canceling the lease and therefore the prices of the currency do not fluctuate so much.
  • And most importantly, it gives benefits to the leaser, do you need more excuses?

Jose Iñesta




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