Pre-requisites for Professional Nodes

To help people who want to make their leasings, let’s put a page on with the Professionals nodes, that is, the ones that really are there for a real financial return.

To be fair to all, we have created the following prereqs to identify those who make this a profession:

1) Have a website for your node – You can not make money without having a “gateway” to your business.

2) the site have HTTPS – Today, with LetsEncrypt, there is no cost to have an environment with HTTPS and ensure the communications.

3) To have an address.txt file in website’s root with the node’s address as content of the file.

4) The field NODE_NAME of lunes.conf  must be the website’s URL (without https://)

3) Everyone can register … But to be listed, you must be among the TOP20 Professionals in Share, in the last 1500 blocks. This script will run daily and refresh the page. We will filter only the subscribers (even if some whales set up their own node, with zillions of LUNES) and show them to the community.

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