How to do leasing in a Lunes node

You must first log in to the wallet.

You just have to go to the Leasing Tab.


There you will find the LUNES that you have on leasing and the ones you have available.

Pressing the New Leasing button will open a new tab in which we can select the number of LUNES that we can leave in leasing (Amount) and the address of the node (Address). You can see a list of professional nodes in a drop-down.

Once all the fields are filled in, we just have to click again on New Leasing. LUNES will only charge a fee of 0.001 LUNES for the transaction.



IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not leave all your LUNES in leasing, leave one or two in your wallet for future operations over account, as Cancel Leasing (0,001 LUNES) or a new Leasing.


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